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Quality and food safety

The quality of our products has to comply with a number of requirements, amongst others with the governing rules and regulations being in force, the expectations of the Customers, and also with food safety regulations. We always strive to completely fulfil the expectations raised against us. In order to achieve this ambition we feel it necessary to introduce and operate the FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification 22000:2011 and the IFS International Food Standard.

Our employees work with always keeping in mind the appropriately stipulated manufacturing regulation and a hygienic practice fully complying with the governing rules and regulations, together with any and all food safety and environmental regulations in order to ensure the safe consumption of our products and to satisfy the requirements of our customers at all times. Our products are manufactured and delivered amongst regulated circumstances with regular supervision. We ensure safe and lawful manufacturing and delivery of food with the operation of the HACCP-system.

Our company does its best in order to preserve the reputation earned by the quality of its products, to propagate the principle of quality above all, the continuous updating of the connection between quality and image in the minds of its employees and its customers. This, however, can only be achieved if every employee of our Company undertakes full responsibility for his/her work. In order to do so, we strive to involve our employees participating in the manufacturing process into discussing changes improving quality, and evaluate their observations. Every employee shall bear individual responsibility for the responsible operation of the system.

In order to achieve our objectives, good communication between employees and training our associates for the theoretical and practical usage of the system are required. The up-to-date preparedness of our employees is ensured by vocational trainings and participation in courses, with the help of which they get a more complete picture of the market requirements, together with the technological and technical novelties. All this constitutes the basis of follow-up and development.

Every employee must be open and responsive towards any and all customer feedback concerning the quality of the products and customer habits. Our objective is to keep in mind and respect the health, interests and desires of the customers to the utmost. For that purpose we maintain a close relation with our Customers in order to be able to continuously obtain information about their requirements and expectations, to earn and retain their confidence, thus achieving their satisfaction.

Another priority is to retain the market leading position of the company and to constantly improve quality. The number one conditions of successful participation in the market are manufacturing products of excellent quality, reliability and ethical business behaviour, to which each employee of ours shall be committed. In order to reach excellent quality, our goal is to constantly supervise our suppliers and subcontractors, and also to involve them into continuous development by providing appropriate communication. The constantly high quality of our products is guaranteed by the Fornetti trademark.


The competitiveness of our company is based on customer recognition. We strive to achieve that quality oriented approach and a sense of responsibility are to be taken as the basis of customary practice. In order to achieve these ambitions we feel the introduction, certification and operation of the IFS International Food Standard and the FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification 22000:2011 as being necessary.

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