Fornetti Franchise

Making profit is the ultimate goal of all enterprises. Fornetti Franchise allows your franchise partners to expand the range of their existing enterprise or start a new profitable business with small investments. Our current franchise network has nearly 5000 shops in 12 countries. The foundation for our unique competitiveness is the know-how we obtained by our experience at the bake-off points and with which we can fully support our partners in realising the highest possible profit.

We are ready to assist the establishment of shops of turn-key solutions.  Following the accurate technical measurement of the location, our experts will design the most optimal set up to best suit the technological and sales purposes. Once the design is approved of and accepted construction starts that is controlled and supervised by Fornetti.

Range of services:

Planning of shops

Installation of shops

Bake off- training

Sales support

Marketing support

Technical service

Planning of shops:

The baking unit (oven and defroster) are in all cases to be located in the sales area where it is easy to see and access and so makes it easier to serve Fornetti products, and the odour of freshly baked pastry will attract customers to come in.

Installation of shops:

Should there be need to build Fornetti surface apart from the display counters – whether it will be a baker’s displays, coffee corner, sandwich bar, or single profile bakery – the specialists of our shop building team, following the measurement of the location, create a 3D graphic design that takes into account all the specific features of the place in question. This is accompanied with a quotation that is handed over free of charge to the partner and if they approve, the shop is installed at the time agreed. Our display counters and fittings are all produced in our furniture workshop, and as a result of optimised procurement and serial production our prices are competitive. 

Bake-off training:

Assistance provided for opening the shops!  The commercial team hands over the baking instructions tailored to the shop, provide training to use all the equipment to, design the looks of the shelves, and will also advise on how to run a successful bakery.

Sales support:

Our sales representatives will regularly visit our franchise partners. They will be at your disposal should you need advice and assistance on baking technology, product quality, product ordering, sales support or technical issues.

Marketing support:

Continuous, nationwide successful promotions! Customers are attracted to come in to the shop when they see promotions. Our partners will have nothing else to do than place in their shop the relevant promotional materials which we provide free of charge and offer the promotional products on the shelves.

Our tools: creative point of sales information leaflets, promotional posters, price tags, individual indoor and outdoor signs and displays, uniforms, etc.

Technical service:

In case of technical problems we provide for a 24 hour fast technical service.


What is needed to start a show bakery?

  • Shop location (privately owned or rented).
  • Minimum one piece of 400 litre capacity freezer
  • Counter that matches the image of the shop, and is suitable for displaying the products
  • If needed we undertake to set up the full interior of the shop.
  • Individual external decoration.
  • Supplementary equipment, e.g.: racks, trays, etc.
  • One time franchise system entry fee, that allow for the use of one oven and its accessories.
Day after day nearly 1 million people consume Fornetti products. We put the key focus on constantly developing and renewing our product range in line with the consumers’ and customers’ demands.
Fornetti is using the experience gained in its franchise network of over 5000 shops to assist our retail partners.
Fornetti’s franchise system enables you to extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new profitable business.